EVLution and Fat Loss – Day 1

Amy Stinson —  June 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gained some weight. Every last bit of it is fat. Since I’m going on a major trip this Christmas, I really need to drop at least 25 lbs of fat. Enter EVLution products. I was looking for a good CLA product and saw there were good reviews of the EVL CLA1000 on Bodybuilding.com. It was buy one get one, which sealed the deal. Of course, there was the …you might be interested in… grabber, which I tend to ignore, but I’m really rather frustrated with not being able to get the fat off right now, so I bit. I ended up buying Trans4orm and LeanMode, which Bodybuilding.com also had specials on. The products arrived quickly and I started taking them on Thursday, June 16.

Starting Weight: 155.4
Body Fat %: 41.4

Dose: 1 CLA, 2 Trans4orm, 2 LeanMode, 2 1400mg Fish Oil at around 10am

I also had 2 12oz cups of coffee with half and half. I normally do not eat breakfast, or if I do I eat a CarbQuik biscuit with some butter, but that day I did not.

I felt a bit buzzed and had a nagging headache most of the afternoon. I did not eat until 2:30 and that was a Premier Protein shake. I was not particularly hungry at dinner, but I ate a chicken thigh and some broccoli. I had a Premier Protein later that evening and maybe some pork rinds. I drank a couple of diet sodas and some Crystal Lite green tea with peach and mango.

I slept ok – not better not worse than normal.