EVLution and Fat Loss – Day 6

Amy Stinson —  June 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

Weight: 153.4

No change in weight today, which is pretty standard. As I said, I’ll be thrilled with a 2lb loss per week as I haven’t done better than that in the past decade, and I’ve met that goal already. I did decide to add some supplements to the mix. That was a mistake. I spent most of the afternoon fighting off nausea, so I will not do that again.

Dose: Same as before & added 1 additional LeanMode (I should have been taking 3), 1 stimerex, & 2 thyroid energy.

Food: 1 protein shake, 1 low carb tortilla with taco seasoned chicken meat, greens, salsa, shredded cheese, & sour cream. A couple of pork rinds and a few sips of protein shake.

I felt like crap all day and didn’t do a thing other than work on a website, talk to my niece, and cook dinner.