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I “google” Mitt Romney in the news section of Google pretty much every day and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. That trend is for Huffington Post articles and Comedy Central clips featuring Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert being passed off as actual news sources.

Newsflash Google – neither of those people nor the Huffington Post are “news” sources, much less serious news sources worthy of top placement on Google News. So stop it.

Despite my brother’s claim that Jon Stewart is the country’s most trusted news source, Jon Stewart is nothing more than a comedian. As is Stephen Colbert. They should be taken no more or any less seriously than any other comedian. To think otherwise is – well – funny.

The Huffington Post is slightly better than “The Star” when it comes to accurate reporting, but not much. Just how seriously are we to take an organization that starts retweeting the twits who used Romney’s “binders” comment to invoke sister wives? In my world, not at all. Furthermore, being bought by AOL does not up its credibility. It just means it could be bought.

The point being, Google, is that when I google within the “news” portion of your search engine, I want real news from real news sources, not pseudo-journalism from fake news sources. If I want to read fake news, I know where to go. If I want to be entertained, I know where to go. What I don’t want is to be led by Google into believing Comedy Central and The Huffington Post is the best that Google can bring to the table. If you keep it up, I might have to start using Bing.