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There must not be a large contingency of type 1 diabetics who watch TWD. Otherwise, someone would have pointed out that little miss short hair (Tina) was not in need of insulin. What she needed was a piece of candy. She was fainting from insulin shock. 

Actually, I’m amazed that more people are not dying from illness, wounds and infections. I’m surprised at how well fed most people look. I’m surprised that anyone is overweight, even in the paradise of Alexandria. 

But back to the “problem” of a type 1 diabetic in an apocalypse. Her main problem would not be needing a supply of insulin. The chances of her needing a lot of insulin are low. Diabetics take insulin to deal with excessive carbohydrate in the diet. Her diet would be largely plant (if she’s eating edible weeds), seasonal fruit, and whatever game she manages to snag. Her Paleo diet and the sheer lack of food would massively reduce her need. Then there are storage issues. Where’s the ice? Those little coolers offer little in the way of cooling or keeping without ice. Shelf life. Insulin has a shelf life which is not measured in years – more like months. So assuming the production of insulin ceased within weeks after the apcalypse, and the supply chain as well, the notion that she had good insulin at this stage of the apcalypse is as realistic as the undead. 

But realistically, if she was in bad shape, which amazingly enough is due to an over abundance of food, she would be gaunt, or dead from complications. Presumably, she would be thrown back to before portable glucose testing, when the life span of a type 1  diagnosed at 10 was about 20 years – well controlled. Then, assuming survival, back to before insulin when the lifespan drops to half that -and only due to the abundance of food – not a problem in TWD reality. 

I just wish someone would have done 5 minutes of research.