Weight: 153

It was probably too optimistic to have a full pound loss in one day, so the scale came up a bit. Since Sydney woke up at 6:30, I had to get downstairs and get breakfast going for her before I could weigh myself. Plus I had started on some coffee and had a CarbQuik biscuit before weighing. Not .6 of a pound worth, though.

Now I need to add a goal or 2.

I ended up taking half a dose of the protocol around 5pm.

Food for the day was the CarbQuik biscuit with some butter, a can of chicken, some pork rinds, a protein drink, and some spaghetti sauce made with meat & hot sausage served on spaghetti squash. I had a few sips of protein drink later on.

Week 1 complete.

Weight 152.4

I still feel a bit buzzed and yucky from yesterday, so I’m going to delay taking anything and I won’t be adding the extras if I do. Bonus: I went down a whole pound, bringing the total loss for the week at 3lbs.

I ended up taking the usual dose at 1:30pm.

Food: CarbQuik biscuit, rest of protein drink from last night, a half cup of warm chicken, cheese, egg “salad” for lunch. I shared a protein shake with Sydney. Dinner was some rotisserie chicken and Brussels sprouts fried with bacon and onion. I finished off the night with a few pork rinds.

Weight: 153.4

No change in weight today, which is pretty standard. As I said, I’ll be thrilled with a 2lb loss per week as I haven’t done better than that in the past decade, and I’ve met that goal already. I did decide to add some supplements to the mix. That was a mistake. I spent most of the afternoon fighting off nausea, so I will not do that again.

Dose: Same as before & added 1 additional LeanMode (I should have been taking 3), 1 stimerex, & 2 thyroid energy.

Food: 1 protein shake, 1 low carb tortilla with taco seasoned chicken meat, greens, salsa, shredded cheese, & sour cream. A couple of pork rinds and a few sips of protein shake.

I felt like crap all day and didn’t do a thing other than work on a website, talk to my niece, and cook dinner.

Weight: 153.4

Dose: – Same as other days

Food: CarbQuik biscuit – felt hungry, but I ate before I took the dose. Late lunch of 2 eggs and 2 oz cheese and a few bites of fat head pizza crust. Dinner was a couple of deli slices of ham & shredded cheese on a skinny thin roll with some steamed veggies. I finished off the evening with a few pork rinds.

I did almost no physical activity. I was working on a computer issue (internal storage drives are being reported as removable by Windows 10 which makes them disappear and show up late after a reboot. Annoyance) and it was 88 outside at 9pm, so I did not walk.

Not feeling as buzzed, but not feeling hungry, either.

I’m down 2lbs so far and I see it in my waist. If I can lose 2lbs a week for a while, I will be thrilled.

Weight: 154

Dose – same added the nighttime vitamin ritual

Food: 1 carbquik biscuit, 1 piece fat head pizza, 1 chicken breast with cheese and salsa and maybe a half cup of brussels sprouts with bacon. Premier protein and pork rinds.

We went out to eat. I didn’t do much of anything. It was too hot to walk and I feel a bit light headed, but not much buzz.

Weight: 154.4

Same dose – added night time vitamins, 2 1400 mg fish oil & a 500mg CLA

Food: Slice of fat head pizza for lunch and one for dinner. Premier protein and pork rinds at night.

I didn’t do much today. Binged on The Walking Dead

Weight: 154.6

Same dose as yesterday.

I ate some low carb Qdoba and had a slice of fat head pizza for dinner. Pork rinds and a protein shake as a snack (I’m mainly hungry at night)

No headache today and I took a walk around the neighborhood.


Over the past couple of years, I’ve gained some weight. Every last bit of it is fat. Since I’m going on a major trip this Christmas, I really need to drop at least 25 lbs of fat. Enter EVLution products. I was looking for a good CLA product and saw there were good reviews of the EVL CLA1000 on Bodybuilding.com. It was buy one get one, which sealed the deal. Of course, there was the …you might be interested in… grabber, which I tend to ignore, but I’m really rather frustrated with not being able to get the fat off right now, so I bit. I ended up buying Trans4orm and LeanMode, which Bodybuilding.com also had specials on. The products arrived quickly and I started taking them on Thursday, June 16.

Starting Weight: 155.4
Body Fat %: 41.4

Dose: 1 CLA, 2 Trans4orm, 2 LeanMode, 2 1400mg Fish Oil at around 10am

I also had 2 12oz cups of coffee with half and half. I normally do not eat breakfast, or if I do I eat a CarbQuik biscuit with some butter, but that day I did not.

I felt a bit buzzed and had a nagging headache most of the afternoon. I did not eat until 2:30 and that was a Premier Protein shake. I was not particularly hungry at dinner, but I ate a chicken thigh and some broccoli. I had a Premier Protein later that evening and maybe some pork rinds. I drank a couple of diet sodas and some Crystal Lite green tea with peach and mango.

I slept ok – not better not worse than normal.

What About Beirut?

Amy Stinson —  January 3, 2016 — Leave a comment

On November 13, 2015, Paris, France saw the worst violence since WWII. Less than 24 hours earlier, Beirut, Lebanon was also attacked. Both were attacked by “ISIS” also known as the “Islamic State that is not Islamic”. 

The huge outpouring of support for Paris was quickly countered by claims that the west did not show similar feelings about the violence in Beirut. My question is where was the outrage over this violence in the Middle East? 

Seriously, there was no outrage in the Middle East in any English news outlet. I’ll address that issue later. 

Getting back to our response (or lack of) over what was reported as sectarian violence, exactly how are we supposed to respond to two factions that claim us as enemies when they clash in violence that does not involve us? Sure, I wish the sectarian violence would stop, but the reality is that every extremist who kills an extremist means at least one less extremist available to take out us infidels. The only difference between those two factions, with regard to us, is plan of attack.

I personally have a problem getting involved in what is essentially infighting (civil war) in any of that area, and my main reason for that is that our track record for determining who is a (relative) “good” guy is beyond bad. We are arming “rebels” who do kill us intentially with our provided weapons. Whether this is by mistake or by design is unknown. It happens often enough that we should see our arming anyone as a problem, not just a potential problem. 

Our “help” is unwelcome. These people are taught from birth that our values and way of life is evil and detrimental to their values and way of life. And that’s probably true. It’s not intentional. We are different and different does not work well in their world. To be in any Muslim majority country, and to an extent, Israel, is a lot like living in pre 60s USA. Ironically, they are very aware of our move towards equality, and even though there is no sense of tolerance towards religion or differences for anything that we consider normal in our world, they expect us to convey our idea of tolerance towards them without reciprocation because that is not part of their world. In other words, they expect us to be tolerant of their intolerance.

We are in a no-win situation in that area. It is nearly impossible for us to be a help to them. They resent us; they do not want our help; they blame us for the problems they are experiencing. And to a certain extent, they are right. But they are also wrong. The very notion that being of one mind and one accord eliminates discord is ridiculous. The reason for that is because you can’t eliminate individuals…well, you can, but eventually no one is left. Perhaps we need to allow them the opportunity to find that out all on their own. I don’t know, but I do know what we are doing now is not working. 

There must not be a large contingency of type 1 diabetics who watch TWD. Otherwise, someone would have pointed out that little miss short hair (Tina) was not in need of insulin. What she needed was a piece of candy. She was fainting from insulin shock. 

Actually, I’m amazed that more people are not dying from illness, wounds and infections. I’m surprised at how well fed most people look. I’m surprised that anyone is overweight, even in the paradise of Alexandria. 

But back to the “problem” of a type 1 diabetic in an apocalypse. Her main problem would not be needing a supply of insulin. The chances of her needing a lot of insulin are low. Diabetics take insulin to deal with excessive carbohydrate in the diet. Her diet would be largely plant (if she’s eating edible weeds), seasonal fruit, and whatever game she manages to snag. Her Paleo diet and the sheer lack of food would massively reduce her need. Then there are storage issues. Where’s the ice? Those little coolers offer little in the way of cooling or keeping without ice. Shelf life. Insulin has a shelf life which is not measured in years – more like months. So assuming the production of insulin ceased within weeks after the apcalypse, and the supply chain as well, the notion that she had good insulin at this stage of the apcalypse is as realistic as the undead. 

But realistically, if she was in bad shape, which amazingly enough is due to an over abundance of food, she would be gaunt, or dead from complications. Presumably, she would be thrown back to before portable glucose testing, when the life span of a type 1  diagnosed at 10 was about 20 years – well controlled. Then, assuming survival, back to before insulin when the lifespan drops to half that -and only due to the abundance of food – not a problem in TWD reality. 

I just wish someone would have done 5 minutes of research.