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Weight: 153

It was probably too optimistic to have a full pound loss in one day, so the scale came up a bit. Since Sydney woke up at 6:30, I had to get downstairs and get breakfast going for her before I could weigh myself. Plus I had started on some coffee and had a CarbQuik biscuit before weighing. Not .6 of a pound worth, though.

Now I need to add a goal or 2.

I ended up taking half a dose of the protocol around 5pm.

Food for the day was the CarbQuik biscuit with some butter, a can of chicken, some pork rinds, a protein drink, and some spaghetti sauce made with meat & hot sausage served on spaghetti squash. I had a few sips of protein drink later on.

Weight: 153.4

No change in weight today, which is pretty standard. As I said, I’ll be thrilled with a 2lb loss per week as I haven’t done better than that in the past decade, and I’ve met that goal already. I did decide to add some supplements to the mix. That was a mistake. I spent most of the afternoon fighting off nausea, so I will not do that again.

Dose: Same as before & added 1 additional LeanMode (I should have been taking 3), 1 stimerex, & 2 thyroid energy.

Food: 1 protein shake, 1 low carb tortilla with taco seasoned chicken meat, greens, salsa, shredded cheese, & sour cream. A couple of pork rinds and a few sips of protein shake.

I felt like crap all day and didn’t do a thing other than work on a website, talk to my niece, and cook dinner.

There must not be a large contingency of type 1 diabetics who watch TWD. Otherwise, someone would have pointed out that little miss short hair (Tina) was not in need of insulin. What she needed was a piece of candy. She was fainting from insulin shock. 

Actually, I’m amazed that more people are not dying from illness, wounds and infections. I’m surprised at how well fed most people look. I’m surprised that anyone is overweight, even in the paradise of Alexandria. 

But back to the “problem” of a type 1 diabetic in an apocalypse. Her main problem would not be needing a supply of insulin. The chances of her needing a lot of insulin are low. Diabetics take insulin to deal with excessive carbohydrate in the diet. Her diet would be largely plant (if she’s eating edible weeds), seasonal fruit, and whatever game she manages to snag. Her Paleo diet and the sheer lack of food would massively reduce her need. Then there are storage issues. Where’s the ice? Those little coolers offer little in the way of cooling or keeping without ice. Shelf life. Insulin has a shelf life which is not measured in years – more like months. So assuming the production of insulin ceased within weeks after the apcalypse, and the supply chain as well, the notion that she had good insulin at this stage of the apcalypse is as realistic as the undead. 

But realistically, if she was in bad shape, which amazingly enough is due to an over abundance of food, she would be gaunt, or dead from complications. Presumably, she would be thrown back to before portable glucose testing, when the life span of a type 1  diagnosed at 10 was about 20 years – well controlled. Then, assuming survival, back to before insulin when the lifespan drops to half that -and only due to the abundance of food – not a problem in TWD reality. 

I just wish someone would have done 5 minutes of research. 

Revival – Islam Style

Amy Stinson —  October 31, 2014 — Leave a comment

Have any of you ever attended an old-fashioned Christian revival? I’m talking about the tent in the field type – complete with an all fired up preacher and some laying on of hands healing. I haven’t, but I have been to some near revival experiences and they are awesome for getting people all fired up for Jesus. We talk about being “on fire” for Jesus as though it were a good thing. And for the most part, it is.

Make no mistake, IS, ISIS, ISIL, or whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than a good old fashion revival – Islam style. Islam began as a fairly innocuous religion, for a fire and brimstone based “theology”, but it had a fair amount of competition in the monotheistic religions, neither of which is particularly political. Judaism does not go looking for converts, and while Christianity was political during Mohammad’s lifetime and for a few centuries afterward, it’s not supposed to be.

Islam was a failure until Mohammad received the “revelation” concerning jihad. Almost no one was willing to embrace fire and brimstone aspects of Islam until it was sweetened with the concept of the 72 virgins awaiting in paradise if one was to die in jihad. To a horny male, there is nothing that gets their attention more than unlimited sex (I do not get the virgin thing at all). Mohammad found his hook in exchange for promoting his “religion”. Also, everything about Islam promotes this heightened sexuality that is also repressed. Making all sex outside marriage and jihad sanctioned rape punishable by death is a sure-fired way of promoting jihad. Furthermore, they will tell you that covering is all about “modesty”. And perhaps modesty plays a part in it, but the result creates a highly sexualized tension. That, combined with the notion that females exist for the sole purpose of satisfying males and for procreation, turns females into prey.

Islam creates this pressure cooker of sexual tension and religious fervor that can only be quenched by jihad. Only in jihad can females be openly preyed upon with the added “bonus” of eternal virgins.

The mosques and YouTube videos that preach jihad serve to inflame the revival mentality and exploit the sexual tensions of the males. Any peaceful version of Islam doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell because it is perceived as western in origin, milquetoast in comparison, and fails to address the sexual issues.

Perhaps you’ve read recently where artificial sweeteners do not assist in weight loss. I have found this to be the case in my own weight loss issues. The more powdered artificial sweeteners I use, the harder it is for me to lose weight. I struggled with how my Equal sweetened coffee could raise my blood sugar by 15 points if it was metabolically “inert” as any non-caloric sweetener should be. Here is the answer (as I see it): Powdered sweeteners are bulked with maltdextrose, which any way you slice or dice it, is a sugar. The argument for using maltdextrose is that it isn’t enough to matter. That really depends on who you are. It makes NO difference to my husband, who piles on the powdered version of Sweet’n Low in everything he tends to use sugar on. He is normal weight with no history of diabetes. His body does not over-react to sugar – unlike mine. I, on the other hand, am 7 years into my diabetes diagnoses and even after almost 3 years of being “normal” weight, I still have diabetes. I am not affected by drinking diet soda or Crystal Lite. I just can’t put packets of anything in my drinks or food and not experience a jump in my blood sugar.

In my particular case, I overreact to carbs. I put out entirely too much insulin in response to carbohydrates. I can eat 1200 calories a day, which is enough for most adults to at least have a modest calorie deficit, and if the macro nutrients are mostly simpler carbs, I will gain weight unless my energy output is twice that. I have been measuring this for over 3 years and all my weight loss success can be tied to eating less food and mostly low carb.

How do I get around this maltdextrose thing? I buy liquid or small tablet versions of sweeteners. Equal does not have a liquid version of its product, but it does have little tablets. 002Sucralose, stevia, and saccharin all have liquid and/or tablet versions. The caveat is that none of these versions deliver the same sweetness as the powder varieties. If you like things sweet, you will have to adjust your palate or what you use to sweeten. I personally use a mix of liquid stevia and liquid saccharin (less bitter) along with training my palate to prefer less sweet things.

I have also started limiting the amount of sweeteners I consume. I don’t do this because I believe they are harmful. I do this because I believe eating or drinking lots of sweet tasting things fosters a preference for sweets over other tastes, which makes me crave them.

As usual, your mileage may vary. You might not be struggling with weight due to powdered sweeteners. However, if you are truly eating low calorie and low carb and are experiencing stalls and unaccounted for gains, and powdered sweeteners are part of your diet, it’s worth exploring.


Habits-tekst-in-3D2I don’t know…yet. What I will try to do is be my own best test subject. Here are some things I want to do:

1.      Write something in my blog every day that consists of about 250 words. Right now, I have no idea what 250 words looks like, but I think it’s the size of a decent letter to the editor, which should force me to edit for readability. It’s easier to be long-winded than concise, but it’s harder to get into the habit of writing every day.

2.      Get in the best shape of my adult life by the time I turn 60. That happens on May 2, 2015. That gives me a hair over 6 months to get the last of my excess weight off and get the fat percentage down. Currently I’m “normal” weight, but I’m overfat. I strongly dislike exercise, although I have enough equipment and DVDs to be very successful. I need to build the habit of working out and planning my meals better.

3.      Become a better cook. I’ve always enjoyed baking, but cooking has been something I do – not particularly well, but at least I don’t burn everything anymore. I don’t become sidetracked the way I used to – thanks to Sydney. She keeps me on my toes when I’m cooking. Besides that, I simply have never learned to use a knife or work through a recipe that requires using somewhat exotic ingredients.

4.      Learn French to speak conversationally. Our youngest son’s significant other is French. Her parents speak about as much English as we speak French, so it makes sense to get better at French.

5.      Work on the house. Once we put on the new porch and decorated/furnished it, I really noticed how forlorn the rest of the house is getting. Sprucing it up seems overwhelming, so doing a bit at a time seems like a better plan.

6.      Get crafty again. I have 6 knitting machines and enough yarn to stock a small store. I have good sewing machines and enough fabric to stock a small store. I have enough ideas and plans to keep my brain and hands busy for at least 10 years. Now I just need to do something about it before I can’t anymore.

So that’s the plan. Work on 2-6 and document with #1. BTW, I’m over 250 words and hopefully haven’t bored you to tears.

M8DCARR EC014Today, thanks to my friend, Monica, I was reading “Five Great John Hughes Moments” on the day he died (which, for whatever reason has had four of the moments cut out of it) and experienced one of those aha moments.

What if it all came true?

It depends on what “it” is. In the context of the above mentioned article, it’s where the girl finally gets to interact with the guy of her dreams.

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Letter_zps19e57f17If you are squeamish, don’t read the letter in the picture. It is a mean, vicious letter to a family that has enough to deal with in their lives.

The family has a 13 year old autistic child that appears to be non-verbal and low functioning. I have an autistic grandchild who lives with us that is 5 years old, non-verbal, and low functioning. His mom has MS and is getting worse. I’m getting older.

It is very hard to steer these children into appropriate activities. The tendency is to engage in repetitive behaviors that are annoying. When they are redirected, they tend to fight back, sometimes aggressively. Leaving them to their own devices means they tend to wail, scream, run, and bang into stuff. My grandchild likes to remove clothing and smear feces when she’s not climbing, jumping, walking the deck rail, eating plant life, or eating and drinking someone else’s stuff. Never a dull moment.

We (presciently)  planted trees all around our back yard when we moved in 2 decades ago, which is fenced in. While the trees provide a visual screen and maybe even a sound screen, I am very aware that we are noisy – and she is sometimes naked. My granddaughter’s first name is often the first word out of my mouth, followed by “Don’t!” or “Stop!”, or “Get down!”.

We are probably not considered the best neighbors. But I have had worse. None of which moved me to send an anonymous letter to them telling them what a pain-in-the-butt it is to have them as a neighbor. I have never suggested (out loud or in print) that anyone was better off dead. Some things are better left unsaid.

I am well aware that my granddaughter may never be a “contributing” member of society as is commonly thought of, and I mourn that. But my granddaughter has also caused me to reconsider what constitutes “contributing”. If anything, she contributes to society by making others thankful they have normal kids. She does a great job of keeping food and drink out of the pool area of our neighborhood pool by helping herself to those things (since we have a no food policy, I don’t do much to stop her). I have become much better at putting things away and simplifying our lives. I have a much clearer idea of what is important and what hill I’m willing to die on. I’ve also learned to say no and not feel guilty. There is only so much I can do and the family comes first, and then I need my rest.

Life is messy even in the best of circumstances. I’m not asking you to walk in my shoes, I’m just asking that you show a little compassion while I walk in my shoes.

Back when I was young, there was a racially motivated “joke” that centered around whether all people entering heaven would be equal. The punch line was that St. Peter gave the person of color a much harder word to spell – Albuquerque. Continue Reading…