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Week 1 complete.

Weight 152.4

I still feel a bit buzzed and yucky from yesterday, so I’m going to delay taking anything and I won’t be adding the extras if I do. Bonus: I went down a whole pound, bringing the total loss for the week at 3lbs.

I ended up taking the usual dose at 1:30pm.

Food: CarbQuik biscuit, rest of protein drink from last night, a half cup of warm chicken, cheese, egg “salad” for lunch. I shared a protein shake with Sydney. Dinner was some rotisserie chicken and Brussels sprouts fried with bacon and onion. I finished off the night with a few pork rinds.

Weight: 153.4

No change in weight today, which is pretty standard. As I said, I’ll be thrilled with a 2lb loss per week as I haven’t done better than that in the past decade, and I’ve met that goal already. I did decide to add some supplements to the mix. That was a mistake. I spent most of the afternoon fighting off nausea, so I will not do that again.

Dose: Same as before & added 1 additional LeanMode (I should have been taking 3), 1 stimerex, & 2 thyroid energy.

Food: 1 protein shake, 1 low carb tortilla with taco seasoned chicken meat, greens, salsa, shredded cheese, & sour cream. A couple of pork rinds and a few sips of protein shake.

I felt like crap all day and didn’t do a thing other than work on a website, talk to my niece, and cook dinner.

Weight: 153.4

Dose: – Same as other days

Food: CarbQuik biscuit – felt hungry, but I ate before I took the dose. Late lunch of 2 eggs and 2 oz cheese and a few bites of fat head pizza crust. Dinner was a couple of deli slices of ham & shredded cheese on a skinny thin roll with some steamed veggies. I finished off the evening with a few pork rinds.

I did almost no physical activity. I was working on a computer issue (internal storage drives are being reported as removable by Windows 10 which makes them disappear and show up late after a reboot. Annoyance) and it was 88 outside at 9pm, so I did not walk.

Not feeling as buzzed, but not feeling hungry, either.

I’m down 2lbs so far and I see it in my waist. If I can lose 2lbs a week for a while, I will be thrilled.

Weight: 154

Dose – same added the nighttime vitamin ritual

Food: 1 carbquik biscuit, 1 piece fat head pizza, 1 chicken breast with cheese and salsa and maybe a half cup of brussels sprouts with bacon. Premier protein and pork rinds.

We went out to eat. I didn’t do much of anything. It was too hot to walk and I feel a bit light headed, but not much buzz.

Weight: 154.4

Same dose – added night time vitamins, 2 1400 mg fish oil & a 500mg CLA

Food: Slice of fat head pizza for lunch and one for dinner. Premier protein and pork rinds at night.

I didn’t do much today. Binged on The Walking Dead

Weight: 154.6

Same dose as yesterday.

I ate some low carb Qdoba and had a slice of fat head pizza for dinner. Pork rinds and a protein shake as a snack (I’m mainly hungry at night)

No headache today and I took a walk around the neighborhood.


Over the past couple of years, I’ve gained some weight. Every last bit of it is fat. Since I’m going on a major trip this Christmas, I really need to drop at least 25 lbs of fat. Enter EVLution products. I was looking for a good CLA product and saw there were good reviews of the EVL CLA1000 on It was buy one get one, which sealed the deal. Of course, there was the …you might be interested in… grabber, which I tend to ignore, but I’m really rather frustrated with not being able to get the fat off right now, so I bit. I ended up buying Trans4orm and LeanMode, which also had specials on. The products arrived quickly and I started taking them on Thursday, June 16.

Starting Weight: 155.4
Body Fat %: 41.4

Dose: 1 CLA, 2 Trans4orm, 2 LeanMode, 2 1400mg Fish Oil at around 10am

I also had 2 12oz cups of coffee with half and half. I normally do not eat breakfast, or if I do I eat a CarbQuik biscuit with some butter, but that day I did not.

I felt a bit buzzed and had a nagging headache most of the afternoon. I did not eat until 2:30 and that was a Premier Protein shake. I was not particularly hungry at dinner, but I ate a chicken thigh and some broccoli. I had a Premier Protein later that evening and maybe some pork rinds. I drank a couple of diet sodas and some Crystal Lite green tea with peach and mango.

I slept ok – not better not worse than normal.

Perhaps you’ve read recently where artificial sweeteners do not assist in weight loss. I have found this to be the case in my own weight loss issues. The more powdered artificial sweeteners I use, the harder it is for me to lose weight. I struggled with how my Equal sweetened coffee could raise my blood sugar by 15 points if it was metabolically “inert” as any non-caloric sweetener should be. Here is the answer (as I see it): Powdered sweeteners are bulked with maltdextrose, which any way you slice or dice it, is a sugar. The argument for using maltdextrose is that it isn’t enough to matter. That really depends on who you are. It makes NO difference to my husband, who piles on the powdered version of Sweet’n Low in everything he tends to use sugar on. He is normal weight with no history of diabetes. His body does not over-react to sugar – unlike mine. I, on the other hand, am 7 years into my diabetes diagnoses and even after almost 3 years of being “normal” weight, I still have diabetes. I am not affected by drinking diet soda or Crystal Lite. I just can’t put packets of anything in my drinks or food and not experience a jump in my blood sugar.

In my particular case, I overreact to carbs. I put out entirely too much insulin in response to carbohydrates. I can eat 1200 calories a day, which is enough for most adults to at least have a modest calorie deficit, and if the macro nutrients are mostly simpler carbs, I will gain weight unless my energy output is twice that. I have been measuring this for over 3 years and all my weight loss success can be tied to eating less food and mostly low carb.

How do I get around this maltdextrose thing? I buy liquid or small tablet versions of sweeteners. Equal does not have a liquid version of its product, but it does have little tablets. 002Sucralose, stevia, and saccharin all have liquid and/or tablet versions. The caveat is that none of these versions deliver the same sweetness as the powder varieties. If you like things sweet, you will have to adjust your palate or what you use to sweeten. I personally use a mix of liquid stevia and liquid saccharin (less bitter) along with training my palate to prefer less sweet things.

I have also started limiting the amount of sweeteners I consume. I don’t do this because I believe they are harmful. I do this because I believe eating or drinking lots of sweet tasting things fosters a preference for sweets over other tastes, which makes me crave them.

As usual, your mileage may vary. You might not be struggling with weight due to powdered sweeteners. However, if you are truly eating low calorie and low carb and are experiencing stalls and unaccounted for gains, and powdered sweeteners are part of your diet, it’s worth exploring.


Habits-tekst-in-3D2I don’t know…yet. What I will try to do is be my own best test subject. Here are some things I want to do:

1.      Write something in my blog every day that consists of about 250 words. Right now, I have no idea what 250 words looks like, but I think it’s the size of a decent letter to the editor, which should force me to edit for readability. It’s easier to be long-winded than concise, but it’s harder to get into the habit of writing every day.

2.      Get in the best shape of my adult life by the time I turn 60. That happens on May 2, 2015. That gives me a hair over 6 months to get the last of my excess weight off and get the fat percentage down. Currently I’m “normal” weight, but I’m overfat. I strongly dislike exercise, although I have enough equipment and DVDs to be very successful. I need to build the habit of working out and planning my meals better.

3.      Become a better cook. I’ve always enjoyed baking, but cooking has been something I do – not particularly well, but at least I don’t burn everything anymore. I don’t become sidetracked the way I used to – thanks to Sydney. She keeps me on my toes when I’m cooking. Besides that, I simply have never learned to use a knife or work through a recipe that requires using somewhat exotic ingredients.

4.      Learn French to speak conversationally. Our youngest son’s significant other is French. Her parents speak about as much English as we speak French, so it makes sense to get better at French.

5.      Work on the house. Once we put on the new porch and decorated/furnished it, I really noticed how forlorn the rest of the house is getting. Sprucing it up seems overwhelming, so doing a bit at a time seems like a better plan.

6.      Get crafty again. I have 6 knitting machines and enough yarn to stock a small store. I have good sewing machines and enough fabric to stock a small store. I have enough ideas and plans to keep my brain and hands busy for at least 10 years. Now I just need to do something about it before I can’t anymore.

So that’s the plan. Work on 2-6 and document with #1. BTW, I’m over 250 words and hopefully haven’t bored you to tears.


What I wanted: 1 or 2 slices of homemade zucchini banana apple raisin bread

What I had: 1/2c Egg Beaters with fresh spinach, diced onion, fresh tomato and 2 slices of Canadian bacon


What I wanted: an Oreo chocolate milkshake at Steak ‘n Shake

What I had: A protein shake made up of Optimum Nutrition’s Vanilla Pro Complex blended with 3 berry blend frozen fruit and 1 packet Emerald Balance


What I wanted: anything chocolate

What I had: 2 Viactiv calcium chews